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Summer Academy 2016 Classes

Citizens Learning 11 Jul 2016 to 6 Aug 2016

Fun and exciting summer drama courses for 6-18 year olds. Meet friends and learn new skills!

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Kids @ Citz Weekly Drama Classes Classes

Citizens Learning 23 Apr 2016 to 19 Jun 2016

Drama classes for 4-18 year olds to help increase self-confidence and social skills, encourage creativity and imagination, and have fun!

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Friday Club ClassesProjects

Citizens Learning 22 Apr 2016 to 10 Jun 2016

Do you have a learning disability?

Do you want to work with other creative people developing performance skills and having fun?

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Off the Page Classes

Citizens Learning 20 Apr 2016 to 8 Jun 2016

Informal and sociable weekly play-reading sessions exploring a production in the Citizens’ Spring 2016 season.

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Nightschool Classes

Citizens Learning 11 Apr 2016 to 20 Jun 2016

A fun and informal introduction to acting skills for adults who want to try their hand at performing.

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Easter Academy 2016 Classes

Citizens Learning 4 Apr 2016 to 9 Apr 2016

An action packed week of drama activities for 6-12 year olds during the spring break. Meet friends, learn new skills and have lots of fun!

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Divided City (North Lanarkshire) Projects

Citizens Learning Jan 2014 - Mar 2015

Following success in Glasgow and South Lanarkshire, we are extending the Divided City project to schools in North Lanarkshire.

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Nightschool Flickr

Citizens Learning 15 Jan 2016


Divided City at St Helen’s and Condorrat Primary Schools YouTube

Citizens Learning 12 Jan 2016

Kids@Citz 2015 Flickr

Citizens Learning 9 Jun 2015

Kids@Citz 2015

PJ Paparelli Blogger

Citizens Learning 22 May 2015

Josh Peltier Blogger

Citizens Learning 21 Apr 2015

Arts & Business win for On Common Ground Blogger

Citizens Learning 27 Oct 2014

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