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A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Play For The Nation Productions

Visiting Company 29 Mar 2016 to 2 Apr 2016

In 2016, the Royal Shakespeare Company and The Citizens Dream Players take you on a very special Midsummer adventure with a unique production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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Jenny Eclair: How To Be A Middle Aged Woman (Without Going Insane) Events

Visiting Company 18 Mar 2016 to 18 Mar 2016

Professional grumpy old woman, Splash survivor, amateur soup maker, and novice knitter, Jenny Eclair is younger than Madonna but eats crisps and likes wine.

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Richard Herring: Happy Now? Events

Visiting Company 17 Mar 2016

In his twelfth solo stand up show, Richard Herring examines whether we are can ever hope to be, or are meant to be, truly content.

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Dragon - Relaxed Performance Productions

Visiting Company 3 Oct 2015 to 3 Oct 2015

An autism-friendly performance of the magically-inventive Dragon created by Vox Motus, National Theatre of Scotland and Tianjin Childrens’ Art Theatre

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Dragon Productions

Visiting Company 1 Oct 2015 to 10 Oct 2015

The magically inventive Dragon created by Vox Motus, the National Theatre of Scotland and Tianjin Children’s Art Theatre returns.

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Wonderland Productions

Visiting Company 25 Sep 2015 to 25 Sep 2015

Tyst Teater present new work from Sweden as part of Progression 2015.

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ANO NEDOSLOV Double Bill Productions

Visiting Company 24 Sep 2015 to 24 Sep 2015

ANO Nedoslov present two new works from Russia as part of Progression 2015.

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Godspell: Not your average high school musical Blogger

Visiting Company 3 Jun 2015

Godspell YouTube

Visiting Company 2 Jun 2015

We’re Only Putting Words in Their Mouths Blogger

Visiting Company 8 Apr 2015

Q & A with Filter Co-Artistic Director Ollie Dimsdale Blogger

Visiting Company 13 Jan 2015

Filter’s Macbeth Flickr

Visiting Company 5 Jan 2015 to 31 Jan 2015

Filter’s Macbeth

Filter’s Macbeth YouTube

Visiting Company 5 Jan 2015

Slope Rehearsal images Flickr

Visiting Company 7 Nov 2014

Slope Rehearsal images

Stewart Laing on Filming and Theatre Making Blogger

Visiting Company 7 Nov 2014

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