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SOS - Scarfed for Life


A hard hitting 45 minute play based on the experiences of young people in Glasgow of discrimination and prejudice, for secondary school students.

A modern parable set against the backdrop of the first Old Firm clash of the season. Funny, hard-hitting and thought provoking; Scarfed for Life tells the story of two teenage friends caught in the crossfire of polite suburban prejudice and garden equipment. 
This play drews on what sectarianism and prejudice actually means to young Glaswegians and how it affects them and their peers.
In June 2011 the Citizens Theatre worked with over 80 young people from 4 Glasgow schools to find out what they thought about the ongoing problem of prejudice and how we can together develop and move on. The clear message from the young people was that they have had enough of the anti-social behaviour and climate of hate associated with sectarianism and that adults need to grow up…

A partnership project with Sense over Sectarianism and TAG


  • June - September 2011
Scarfed for Life will be touring secondary schools in Glasgow during September. This project is funded by Sense over Sectarianism
Sponsored by Scott+Co

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Lynn Kennedy
Leann O’Kasi
Chris McCann
Caitlin Fielding
Scott McKay
Jack Mullen
Edison McKenna

Written by Martin Travers
Directed by Kate Black & Neil Packham


Amanda Clark

19th October 2011

The play was extremely well written and acted by a stellar cast. The play provided thought provoking messages alongside humour. The characters were believable. As well as tackling sectarianism brilliantly, the play also managed to convey other ism messages and therefore was very well researched. I hope it reaches a wider audience.

Roz McCue

13th October 2011

This play explores the themes of prejudice and bigotry in an entertaining and engaging way. I particularly liked the way humour was used and I believe the message was very clearly and effectively communicated to the young people in the audience.

Christine Wheatley

7th October 2011

This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to view a thought-provoking and topical drama. "Scarfed for Life" stimulated many ideas for students working on their Investigative Drama performances. This year our group theme was "Out of Control" based on the London riots. One group was exploring sectarianism so this was a real gift. Thanks very much it was much appreciated by our students and staff.


7th October 2011

There will be more resources related to Scarfed for Life uploaded to Glow (the national intranet for schools) soon.

John Paul Academy

7th October 2011

All our S4 pupils thoroughly enjoyed the performance. The format and humour challenged pupils and staff to think about the issues involved in Sectarianism. The question and answer session also allowed pupils to discuss the issues.

Saint Thomas Aquinas Secondary School

6th October 2011

This production was well written, researched and executed. Very insightful and thought provolking. The workshop was fun, informative and inspiring. Pupils felt that they had real input into the issues dealt with in the production and really enjoyed the finished product. This is an important issue(sectarianism) that requires a lot of airing and pro-active action. This project delivers on lots of levels and was well written, let, designed and acted. Well done!

Ilona Wewiorski

6th October 2011

The drama was fast paced, lively and up to date so proved very engaging for young people. The subject matter was relevant, important and current. The play fuelled a very interesting discussion on the issues of sectarianism, prejudice and bullying, giving pupils and teachers alike much to think about and question. The drama inspired further debate, investigative and reflective work in both PSE and drama classes.

pupil at school

6th October 2011

i thought it was conveying reality and really caught my eye. but it would be even better if more information was put up about this play please !!!!

D Davidson

4th October 2011

The performance was fantastic; very interesting and engaging for the senior learners here. Not only did the show deal with important issues, it touched on said issues in a way that was relevant for the kids and really engaged them, giving them a laugh along the way. Their year head even asked if it was possible to get the actors back to perform for other year groups! Thanks for everything, David

Saint Roch's Secondary s5/6 drama students

29th September 2011

“The opening was really good when they stepped out of the tableaux to say their name in court” “The game show idea was clever. The gold jacket worked well” “Brought up some good points on sectarianism – excellent!” “The Neds accent was really good” “Relatable characters and language helped to make Scarffed for Life a very powerful piece of drama” “It was good. I liked the comedy and slow motion part where the Celtic fan broke the pressure washer. Facial expressions were funny” “Even when the Ned wasn’t talking she stayed in character. She kept her swagger throughout”

L McAlpine

29th September 2011

This production really helped show our Higher and Int 2 students that a strong plot and interesting characters are more important than special effects or over elaborate sets. They saw how you can put an important point across in an entertaining way. They were delighted to see actors, many of whom were not much older than them, using drama conventions and voice and movement techniques we explore in class. This was an extremely useful experience which has given our certificate drama students the confidence to create and present more interesting pieces simply but very effectively. Thank you


28th September 2011

"It was quality" "You could identify with the characters" "WE liked the humour, because although the point of the drama was serious, the humour helped get the message across" We didn't realise the extent some people would go to ( blue powerwasher). S5/6 Drama pupils, Drumchapel High.

Clare Gemmell

18th September 2011

As a teacher at St Roch's I thought the drama was fantastic. It was an ideal length and touched on issues important and relevant to our young people with humour and sensitivity.

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