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A woman smiles from her window in a Glasgow red brick tenement.

Lifeline community projects – supporting women through lockdown

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In March 2020 we had to cancel all performances, classes, and workshops due to the pandemic. It was important to us that we remain connected with our participants.  

While we moved some of our classes online, we had to be sensitive to what that could mean for people suffering from isolation. We were aware that restrictions had stripped many people of their coping mechanisms and support networks. So, right from the start Elly Goodman (Community Drama Artist) and Carly McCaig (Community Drama Worker) got out into our local community.  

This was the beginning of our Through My Window project. The focus was on supporting women experiencing homelessness, isolation and poverty.   

You have to listen to your community, listen to people telling you their own stories in their own spaces.

Elly Goodman talking to Joyce McMillan in The Scotsman

Through my window

Elly and Carly made socially distanced home visits to women across Glasgow. They chatted through open windows and caught up in gardens. They also dropped off food and small gifts. 

They developed small performances to take to people through their windows, including a doorstep disco. 

A woman standing in her doorway. She is holding a bunch of flowers and smiling.
Two women standing outside someone's door. They are wearing facemasks and Citizens Theatre t-shirts. One of the women is holding a white box.
A woman standing looking out from a tenement window. 

My weekly visits from the Citz are the highlight of my week, especially since I’ve been shielding, they’ve provided a much needed lifeline during lockdown.

Community Participant

Hear more from Elly and Carly on how they stayed in contact with women across Glasgow during the Coronavirus pandemic

Participants were also given creative care boxes full of tasks and thought-provoking questions. It was a way for the women to share their experiences of lockdown through writing, photography and other artforms.  

Over the months, we amassed a moving series of work which explored feelings of isolation and fear, coupled with moments of joy and creative connection. Listen to some recordings of written work on Soundcloud.

A visit from the Citz Care box carers. So lovely today, a real boost!

Chara Centre Participant

A selection of hand written letters, poems and drawings. There are also tea bags and colouring pencils.

Just imagine…

As restrictions eased, our project evolved. When the possibility of meeting up again started to become a reality we joined forces with singer, songwriter Carol Laula to create our own lockdown anthem.   

This collaborative song writing process involved our women’s groups, as well as individuals from across the city. It brought the women together as they used music and writing to express their emotions. 

Participants contributed lyrics by imagining what life might be like post COVID-19. We sent questions on a postcard: 

  • What will you do next? 
  • What have we missed? 
  • What are your hopes and how might they be achieved? 

The finished song ‘Just Imagine…’ brings together many of the lyrics and suggestions that were sent to us and is a shared message of optimism.  

Listen along with our music video.

Watch our ‘Making of’ documentary to hear from the women involved and find out more about how the song came together.

Its been a difficult time for me personally, its been good to see that I managed to participate in something so creative and worthwhile – thanks to all at the Citz


What a beautiful song! Brought a lump to my throat, seeing all the women too and knowing what they’ve been through yet still having that hope and strength. Well done everyone who took part, fantastic.

Staff at Tomorrow’s Women

OMG! Lump in my throat size of a golf ball –its brilliant, so emotional and uplifting. The Citz has done amazing during the pandemic, If I had a hat, I’d take it off to you

Staff at Chara Centre


This project was supported by Comic Relief and Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership. 

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A group of women sitting around a table. One of the women is holding her arms in the air and is singing.