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Several people in a park flying kites.


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Who we are

We believe in every individual’s right to take part in cultural activity. We are dedicated to being a place of possibility, a space for creative bravery and a home for inspiring artistic expression. Whether you attend a workshop or create a show, you will work with practitioners who are experts in their field and who put compassion and inclusion at the heart of everything they do.

What we do

Two primary pupils sitting on a theatre stage. The girls are facing each other and playing a hand clapping game.


Creative opportunities for students and educators across primary and secondary schools, and into further education.


Young People
A group of 9 young people are standing on a futuristic stage. They are all wearing grey boiler suits. They are standing in a variety of poses. Some are standing with their thumbs up, other have their arms stretched up, others are crouched down and smiling.

Young People

A programme of opportunities nurturing the creativity, skills and resilience of the next generation.


An outdoor performance.


This is our programme for theatre-lovers, aged 18-108!


Community Residencies
A group of women sitting around a long trestle table. The room is decorated with colourful bunting.

Community Residencies

Building connections with communities outside of our own building.


Two women are embracing in a hug. They are wearing black tshirts. They are standing in front of others with pink, purple and blue lights in the background.

Explore our work

Explore the experiences of individuals we have worked with through their challenges and triumphs. Each story is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation.

Our stories showcase the transformative power of creativity and the difference it can make in the lives of those we work with.

Exploring mental health with the Young Co.
A stage show. A man is standing in front of a microphone. A woman is sitting on the floor in front of him holding a microphone.

Exploring mental health with the Young Co.

Over the years, the Young Co. have considered the theme of mental health across various creative projects. Find out more.

Lifeline community projects – supporting women through lockdown
A young woman standing at an open window. She is peering out and smiling.

Supporting women through lockdown

It was important to us that we remained connected with our participants throughout the Pandemic. Find out more. 

Finding hope in creativity at Elder Street and the Chara Centre
Two women smiling and dancing at an All We Can Do sharing session. Other women can be seen clapping in the background.]

Finding hope in creativity at Elder Street and the Chara Centre

Our community empowerment project delivering creative workshops for women navigating the interlinking systems of prison, homelessness, addiction, poverty and violence. Find out more.

Find out more about our projects