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Two primary pupils sitting on a theatre stage. The girls are facing each other and playing a hand clapping game.


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What we do

Whether you’re a school group, or a student in further education, we love welcoming you into our theatre. Read about some of our recent educational projects here.

As we get closer to reopening our building, there will be more opportunities to get involved with our work. Keep checking this page for updates.

Get in touch

From one-off workshops to long-term projects, we are always interested in how we can create meaningful educational opportunities. To begin a conversation, please contact Catrin Evans, Head of Creative Learning.


Recent projects

Little Amal
A large wicker puppet of a young girl stands looking down at a long line of school children who are walking past her, smiling and waving.

Little Amal at COP 26

We collaborated with NTS and Perth Theatre on this climate justice arts project.

The Macbeths from your classroom
A man and woman staring at each other intensely. The man is holding the woman's face in his hands. They both have blood stains in their arms and clothes. A large theatre light is visible behind them.

The Macbeths from your classroom

Find out how we brought the magic of theatre to classrooms during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our work with local primary pupils
A group of primary pupils painting in bright colours on large sheets of paper on the floor of a school hall. They are wearing blue school uniforms.

Our work with local primary schools

Getting to know some of our youngest neighbours better.

Hear My Voice
A young girl is looking at the camera. She has a yellow smiley face covering one eye. She is covering the other eye with her hand. She is covering her mouth with her hand.

Hear My Voice

Helping primary pupils to express their feelings and opinions.