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The statues preparing to be lifted onto the roof. People in hi-viz vests are securing the crane onto one of the statues.

The Statues Song

Our Community Collective is a sociable drop-in group for people who share an interest in theatre In 2023 they came together with musician and song writer Hilary Brooks to create an original song about the famous Citizens Theatre statues. 

I was so proud of what we achieved. It’s an experience I’ll never forget


Seven adults are standing in a semi-circle talking to each other. They are in a professional recording studio with microphones around them. They are smiling and look happy.

The history of the six stone statues dates to when the building first opened in 1878 and they adorned the front of the building as part of a shared façade with the Palace Theatre. Having survived a fire and demolition in 1977 when the Palace Theatre was condemned, they were reunited in the Citizens Theatre foyer in 1989.

Over the course of the current redevelopment, the statues have been lovingly restored to their former glory and have been returned the roof of the new building. 

Inspired by their history, members of the Community Collective participated in a series of workshops to create an original song.  They imagined what they would think of the Gorbals now from their new vantage point. 

The group recorded their song at Gorbals Sound. 

Two people stand in a recording booth behind glass. In the foreground, the mixing table and speakers are visible.

Probably one of the best days of my life. Total joy.

– Participant 

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