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After the End


They were all in the pub when the explosion happened. Louise has just woken up to find herself with Mark; the man who saved her life.

His friends said he was paranoid yet, in the end, Mark knew how to act when it finally happened. Now all they can do is wait…

Can they survive the attack? Can they survive each other?

Award-winning playwright, Dennis Kelly, is widely regarded as one of the UK’s most exciting contemporary storytellers. His work examines society’s fears and confronts them in twisted extremities through nightmarish yet terrifyingly plausible scenarios.

Recommended for 18+
Contains scenes of a sexual nature, nudity and strobe lighting.

An intense psychological drama by Dennis Kelly
Director Amanda Gaughan

Circle Studio

Preview 17.05.11 & 18.05.11
Wheelchair Access
Guide Dogs welcome

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Now in its third year, the Trainee Director scheme, generously funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation with support from the Citizens Theatre Society, was set up to encourage a greater representation of female directors in the industry.


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By Dennis Kelly
DIRECTOR Amanda Gaughan
DESIGNER Neil Haynes
COMPOSER Claire McKenzie
CAST Jonathan Dunn & Nicola Daley


A disturbing and thought provoking look at manipulation, mind games, and human beings pushed to the extreme.” 
STV Entertainment

”Amanda Gaughan’s production proceeds with a low-lit, rumbling intensity, as co-dependence turns into an increasingly ugly catalogue of stir- crazy power games, manipulation and abuse.”
The Herald

“a tour-de-force of intense and unforgettable acting”.
The Scotsman

“After his recent arrest, Dominique Strauss-Kahn was described as a man who had “a difficulty in controlling his impulses”. Whatever the outcome of this particular court case, it is a story that gives Dennis Kelly’s After the End an unsettling topicality.”
The Guardian

“The claustrophobic two-hander is about Louise, a popular young office worker, who wakes to find herself in an underground nuclear fallout shelter…In Amanda Gaughan’s gripping production…they expose uncomfortable tensions in a battle of the sexes that has not yet ended.”
The Guardian



Omiros Vazos

3rd June 2011

I just came back from the show and I'm still coming to terms with what I witnessed tonight. It has left me shocked, speechless, and still quite tense. The characters were so well performed that I could not get my eyes off the stage. The story was a bit predictable but I was surprised to find it so funny and yet intense! As it developed I began detecting elements of doubt, insanity, the deterioration of everything human between those characters, and then I decided what a great story this really was. Congratulations to both actors who, after 2 weeks of performing in this piece, still managed to keep us interested and on the edge of our seats. Great work from all angles. Worth all the praise it's getting.

Thomas Ovens

1st June 2011

Very intense, claustrophobic at times. You just have to go with it. Jonathan Dunn is superb. He star is looking very bright indeed.

Michael Watters

28th May 2011

Good characterisation, atmospheric. An excellent way to spend a wet Saturday.

Nicola Noon

23rd May 2011

So good I saw it twice - each time form a different angle. A fabulous drama with excellent acting. I still want to know what happened next...

Saul Davidson

21st May 2011

Looks great my dad is going to see the play today and good luck to Amanda who directed me in the play The Golden Mask Of Agamemnon at Pace Theatre School the trailer looks great and I can't wait to hopefully see it.

Susan Milne

18th May 2011

Been talking about it all day. Totally gripping and thought provoking. Not at all what I was expecting! Fantastic acting and script.

Caroline Elliott

17th May 2011

I could not rave enough about "After the End"! Absolutely wonderful acting from both leads, an edge of your seat thriller and laughs too! A must see!

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