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Divided City

Citizens Learning


Back by popular demand, the musical theatre production of Divided City, based on the award-winning book by Theresa Breslin.

Featuring a cast of over 50 young people drawn from Glasgow Secondary Schools.

Set against a backdrop of the Orange marching season, Graham and Joe are drawn into a secret pact to help a young asylum seeker and his Glaswegian girlfriend when all they really want to do is play football for Glasgow City. Can friendship pull them through?

A gripping tale about two boys, one Celtic fan, one Rangers fan, who must find their own answers in a divided world.

Glasgow City Council Education Services and the Citizens Theatre collaborate on this exciting musical theatre project as part of Creative Scotland’s Youth Music Initiative programme. 

“crackingly fine musical staging…with the energy of whole-hearted team spirit”
The Herald

You can buy copies of Divided City at the Citizens Theatre Box Office for £5 (RRP £5.99) or visit our online store.

The hit musical production of Theresa Breslin’s award-winning novel performed by Glasgow secondary students.

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Recommended for 9+

Supported by funding from Creative Scotland's Youth Music Initiative and Glasgow City Council Education Services. Schools performances supported by Sense Over Sectarianism.

In 2013 Divided City appears in South Lanarkshire.

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Written by Theresa Breslin
Adapted by Martin Travers
Directed by Guy Hollands and Elly Goodman
Original music by Claire McKenzie
Designed by Carter Ferguson


“a truly uplifting combination of gritty reality and youthful optimism…the finest show around this week was the Citizens’ Theatre and Glasgow City Council’s powerful two-act musical Divided City”.
The Scotsman

“a show that radiates a fierce teenager energy, as if someone had taken the mouthy charm of an episode of The Inbetweeners, and given if it a sharp, passionate injection of moral purpose, and sheer Glaswegian love of place”.
The Scotsman

“superbly choreographed by directors Guy Hollands and Elly Goodman, to a score by Claire Mackenzie that produces some breathtaking set-pieces”
The Scotsman



25th June 2012

Hi Claire. Thanks for your query. We hope to restage Divided City at some point in the future but we are unable to confirm when at present unfortunately.

Claire milson

22nd June 2012

In Jan '13 my school will be doing a joint project on The Divided City with another school. Are there any plans for a return performance of The Divided City as this would certainly bring the book to life ? Claire Milson


22nd March 2012

I know you're currently not planning anything but if there is any chance you're doing it again I'd Like to be in it.


15th February 2012

Hi Deborah, I'm afraid this was a one off and there is no tour planned. There are no current plans to re-stage this production.

deborah boyle

14th February 2012

Hi there my sons reading the book in school would b good to bring him to a performance are u anywhere else in glasgow as missed the citizens thanks deborah x

Janette Cochran Gervaise

5th February 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed the production of the "Divided City" and the positive message it portrayed. It highlighted the importance of seeing the person and being tollerant and accepting of differences. I am a Staff Nurse in a High Dependency Unit that has to deal, all too often, with the victims of racial and sectarian violence. I believe that lives will be saved by educating the young in this way.

Mary Gallagher

5th February 2012

I’m sorry I missed this play at the Citizen’s Theatre last week. Are there any plans to stage another production as I’d love to see it.I believe it was a great show.

Transitus S High School of Glasgow

3rd February 2012

We saw the play last night and thought it was exhilarating! The cast were superb, particularly the Joes and Grahams! The fact the cast were only slightly older than us made it very impressive. This is a well rehearsed and amazing production, and we would advise anyone who cares about sectarianism in Glasgow to go and see it, to learn more about it.


30th January 2012

There is no age limit to attendance, however, we do recommend that it's for people aged 9+.


28th January 2012

hi i was just wundering how old do you have to be to get into the play xxx

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