Friday Club

Do you have a learning disability? Do you want to work with other creative people developing performance skills and having fun? Friday Club runs from 10.30am - 1pm on Fridays
Friday Club

If you’ve got stories to tell and ideas to explore, come to the Citizens Theatre and join the Friday Club. Build your creative skills and self-confidence in a supportive and stimulating environment.

The Friday Club is for people 18 years plus and their companions. Places are limited, so book now if you want to be part of The Club. Contact, Creative Learning Officer, to book or for more info (0141 418 6273).

There are also special Friday Club events to see productions in the theatre throughout the term.

‘I feel I have a purpose in life again. I used to spend days at home or in bed, just being about the house. But now I come here I’m getting out for a wee while and it makes me feel good. Before this I was a prisoner in my own home for three and half years’ 

‘Friday Club lets me use my imagination and gives me choices. This helps me work well with other people and makes me more confident’

    22 Sep10.30am - 1pm
    29 Sep10.30am - 1pm
    6 Oct10.30am - 1pm
    13 Oct10.30am - 1pm
    20 Oct10.30am - 1pm
    27 Oct10.30am - 1pm
    3 Nov10.30am - 1pm
    10 Nov10.30am - 1pm
    16 Nov10.30am - 1pm
    17 Nov10.30am - 1pm
    23 Nov10.30am - 1pm
    24 Nov10.30am - 1pm

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Running Time: 2h 30min


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