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A moment that changed my life - Lauren Mitchell on joining the Young Co.

The Young Co. is our group for people aged 18-22 who share a passion for making theatre. We recently spotted a lovely Facebook post from one former company member Lauren Mitchell about the impact the Citz has made on her life as she marked 10 years since first entering stage door! We got in touch with Lauren to hear more about her time at the Young Co.

There are few times where you can look back at a specific moment and say “my life changed then”. 10 years ago today I (rather anxiously) went round the back of Citizens Theatre through their stage door and joined the Young Co. for the first time.

Lauren Mitchell standing outside smiling. She is wearing a red lanyard.

Why did you decide to join the Young Co.?

I was 18, still trying desperately hard to get into uni, and just looking for something that would give me my theatre hit. And oh boy did it!

What were some of your highlights from your time at the Young Co.?

So much! I acted in community tours, was part of a band in Commonwealth Games show, saw countless Citz productions, met the creatives behind them, worked with an incredible company of peers to create our own shows where I acted, sang and played clarinet. Even to the point where I got my tongue out for all to see on the famous Citz stage.

A theatrical stage show. A group of 6 people standing together looking worried.
A theatrical show. A man and woman holding onto each other and sticking out their tongues in an exaggerated way.
A young woman standing on stage. She is wearing a blue feather boa and a bird mask.

Do you think your time at the Citz has impacted your career?

Definitely. It was there I discovered my passion for directing and the amazing staff there took that little directing spark and made it a flame.

The Citz gave me my first job coming out of university, allowed me to work on my first mainstage production, and begin developing my first play as director with fellow Young Co. alumni  Catriona McNicoll.

I’m now continuing to pursue a career as a director. Over the last few years, I’ve mainly been assistant directing. I worked on the Citizens Theatre’s The Comedy of Errors in 2021 and have done a few shows with A Play, A Pie and A pint. Catriona and I are developing our play Reign of the Rabbit. I’ve also begun writing my own show The Executioners which will be showcased at a curated night by Cat McLeod called _and friends at the Old Hairdressers in June.

A group of young people standing together arm in arm smiling at the camera. Many of then have football colours on. Lauren Mitchell is wearing a Citizens Theatre t-shirt.

What do you value most from your time at the Citz?

I think what I’m most grateful for is the people that have come along with it. Most of my very best friends have come from that Young Co. and we’re still making work and memories together. And of course, who could forget my theatre dad Neil Packham who’s been with me the whole way and who I love more than words.

A group of young people arm in arm. They are all smiling and laughing enthusiastically.
A group of 15 people sitting on steps. They are all wearing checked shirts and holding their hands to their face.

What are you most looking forward to when the building reopens?

I’m really excited about the new building opening up and can’t wait to get back to that place where I cut my teeth. I remember seeing the plans for the first time and was blown away by the look of the new space. In particular, I’m looking forward to seeing the new studio space and would love to direct something there in the future!

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A statue being lowered onto the roof of the Citizens Theatre. Two have already been placed. The theatre's name appears in large lettering behind the statues.

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