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A group of 9 young people are standing on a futuristic stage. They are all wearing grey boiler suits. They are standing in a variety of poses. Some are standing with their thumbs up, other have their arms stretched up, others are crouched down and smiling.

Young People

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What we do

Our work with young people supports and nurtures the creativity, skills and resilience of the next generation. We use the power of creativity to reflect, move, disrupt, celebrate, imagine anew and entertain.  On this page you can find information about ways to get involved including term time classes and seasonal opportunities. We welcome everyone to our classes. 

Our groups

Young Co.
Three people rehearsing for a show. They are smiling.

Young Co.

A group for 18-22 year olds who share a passion for making theatre. 

Saturday Citizens
Three learning disabled young people taking part in a drama game. They are holding their hands out and are smiling.

Saturday Citizens

Drama classes and summer schools for learning disabled and/or neurodivergent young people.

WAC Ensemble
Five young actors, two male and one female. They are sitting on a sofa on the set of a stage. They are looking off to the side and laughing.


Training and performance opportunities for young adults who are care experienced.