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An outdoor performance.

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What we do

A space where community and creativity collide. 

We want to harness creative wellbeing for all. 

On this page you will find information about our different classes and activities for adults. From social drop-in groups, to regular reading workshops and community shows, there are lots of ways to get involved.

Our groups

Community Collective
Four women rehearsing for a show. They are smiling and pointing their fingers in the air.

Community Collective

A sociable, drop-in group for adults who share an interest in theatre.

Off The Page

Off The Page

Play reading sessions for older adults.

Friday Club
A group of learning disabled adults standing together and smiling and posing for the camera. They are all wearing colourful hats and oversized theatrical props.

Friday Club

Drama classes for learning disabled and/or neurodivergent adults.

Current activities for adults

A woman holding out a sign that has the word ‘Applause’ written on it. A group of people are standing in the distance behind her wearing theatrical accessories and holding props in their hands. To her right people are sat in chairs holding scripts in their hands.
Community Collective: Summer 2024

Community Collective: Summer 2024

A sociable, drop-in group for adults who share an interest in theatre

Gorbals Parish Church

31 May – 28 Jun 2024


Celebrating 20 years of Community Theatre at the Citz

Relevant projects

Lifeline community projects – supporting women through lockdown
A woman standing looking out from a tenement window. 

Lifeline community projects - supporting women through lockdown

The Gorbals Vampire
A large number of actors on a stage are facing the camera, crouching down and raising their hands to the sky. They are dressed in a variety of drab clothes from the 1950s. One actor is lying on the ground in the centre of the stage with the other actors gathered round him. He has a grimaced face. Another actor is standing at the very back of the stage. He is standing on a wall above the others looking out to the camera with one hand in the air.

The Gorbals Vampire

The Statues Song

The statues song